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Rules and Regulations

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Common Areas
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Unit Owners are responsible for use of their units and must make guests and lessees aware of the Rules and Regulations. Rules and Regulations may be added, deleted or revised from time to time by the Board of Directors.
Seaplace Declaration and Bylaws shall govern all matters not covered by these Rules and Regulations.

Seaplace is a residential community and individual units shall not be used for any other purpose. No occupant of a unit shall commit or permit any nuisance or illegal act in the unit or in common areas. Occupancy of a unit is limited to two adults per bedroom.
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Seaplace has a no pet policy. With the exception of support animals allowable for disabled individuals in conformance with Section 760.23, Fla. Stat., and Section 804 f3B of Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended by the Fair Housing Act of 1988, owners, guests, or lessees are not permitted to bring pets onto the premises. Any owner, guest or lessee arriving at Seaplace with a pet, without receiving prior Board approval, will not be allowed to enter Seaplace property with the animal.
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Delivery of appliances and furniture, and moving in or out, is prohibited before 8:00 a.m. and after 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday.

Gate Access: Service Personnel
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Excessive noise will not be tolerated before 8:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. Radios, televisions, stereos and amplified equipment as well as loud conversations on balconies must be kept at a minimum volume. Parties within units should not spill over into halls or disturb neighbors. Impact noises or use of motorized tools are prohibited between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and all day Saturday and Sunday. If determined by the Association that a disturbance is unreasonable, regardless of the time of day, then it will also be termed a nuisance to other residents and must be discontinued or corrected.
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Common areas comprise all portions of the premises other than the units and the limited common areas. All common areas must be unobstructed and kept free of any materials that are unsightly or hazardous including toys, floats, rafts, bicycles and shoes. A small number of decorative, reasonably sized objects, may be used near unit entries provided they do not obstruct entry or encroach upon the interior walkway.

Owners are responsible for their own actions, as well as those of their lessees, guests, contracted workers and employees. When defacement or damages occur in common areas, by accident or as a result of imprudent actions, assessments will be made. Charges will include the full cost of repair or replacement of damaged or lost items or for cleaning or restoring the area to its proper condition.

Longboat Key ordinance prohibits the use of grills and other smoke and odor emanating cooking devices on patios, balconies, lanais, or in any common area except in designated areas.
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No alteration, decoration or painting is permitted on the exterior of buildings, except as provided by law. Clothing of any type, towels or unsightly objects may not be hung on balconies or patios. Lanais may not be used for storage purposes. The following activities are prohibited: placing any screen, blind, awning, carpeting or other water-permeable floor covering on any balcony or lanai; placing any drapery, curtain or blind at a unit's windows without a solid light color facing the exterior; erecting any exterior lights or signs; placing any signs or symbols other than the U.S. flag in windows; erecting or attaching any structures or fixtures within the common or limited common elements.

Owners may add hurricane shutters in compliance with Seaplace, Town, State, and Federal Standards after securing the written approval of the Association.

Occupants shall not allow anything to fall or be thrown from windows, doors or balconies. No sweepings shall be ejected from any unit.
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The unit's water must be shut off if the unit is going to be vacant for more than seven days. Water heaters must be replaced within the warranty period. Washing machine hoses must be made of heavy reinforced rubber as manufactured by Floodchek or an approved equivalent.

During hurricane season, June 1st through November 30th, residents who vacate units for more than 1 week must remove all furniture and other objects from their lanai before leaving. Exceptions are made for those units with hurricane shutters placed against the lanai screen (six inches away).

During hurricane season, if it becomes necessary for Seaplace staff to remove furniture, etc. from the lanai, there will be a charge of $100.
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Smoking is only permitted within units.
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A "Guest" is an individual who is invited by a resident to visit a unit and utilize the common areas without exchanging money with the resident for that usage. Residents are responsible and liable for their guests and shall make sure that they adhere to the Rules and Regulations of Seaplace.

Owners may not permit occupation of their units in their absence, on more than four occasions in any calendar year, by house guests who are not immediate family (fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and grandchildren of the owner or owners, or their spouses). A list of immediate family members must be on file in the office or any usage will be considered non-family. Guests or lessees may not allow anyone else to use the unit in their absence.

Office staff must be notified prior to guests' arrival. Guests must sign in with Security at the South gate when first entering Seaplace.

A "Day Guest" is an individual who is invited by a resident but does not occupy the premises overnight. All Day Guests must be accompanied by the resident while using Seaplace facilities. Residents must notify Security prior to arrival of Day Guests.

Gate Access: Day Guests
Gate Access: Overnight Guests
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All renovations and/or modifications must be submitted to the office for approval prior to the beginning of the project. Such projects are subject to inspection by the Association. Permits must be on file in the office prior to geginning work.

Workers are prohibited from using Seaplace luggage and grocery carts. Workers caught using the carts will be charged $50 per occurrence. Walkways outside units may not be used to perform any work and must be kept clear of obstructions and debris. Daily cleanup and removal of debris from Seaplace property is required. Any damage or cleanup caused by workers to the common elements will be the responsibility of the owner. Workers who do not cooperate with the maintenance Department will be required to leave the property and will not be permitted to return.

Longboat Key ordinance prohibits owners from allowing construction, delivery of materials and equipment, and non-emergency repair activities to occur, regardless of who is performing such activities, before 8:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday. Contractor work on Saturdays and Seaplace holidays is allowed only with prior office approval.

No floor covering utilizing hard materials may be installed in any unit without obtaining prior approval from the Association. Inspection of a sound proofing underlayment is required prior to installation of hard flooring. A waterproof membrane must be installed and inspected on the lanai floor prior to tiling or retiling.

Floor Covering Application
Floor Covering Installation Rules
Remodeling Application
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Owners and lessees may park only in parking spaces assigned to the unit they occupy. Owners may receive permission from the office to use a guest space on an available basis for a limited time for cars in excess of the spaces they own. Parking spaces designated as loading and unloading areas may be used only for that purpose.

No one is permitted to park in a space belonging to another owner without the permission of that owner and only after the office has been notified. Vehicles parked without permission of the space owner may be towed in accordance with Florida Statute 715.07, which states that the owner of the vehicle shall pay the cost of towing and storage.

Parking spaces are limited to private passenger vehicles. Spaces may not be used for parking of commercial vehicles, altered vehicles, boats, trailers, RV's, equipment or any other personal property without advance approval from the Association Manager and for a time not to exceed 24 hours.

Vehicles parked on Seaplace grounds must be maintained in good repair and appearance, as determined by the Board of Directors, and have current license registration. After notice to the owner, vehicles in violation may be towed from the property at the owner's expense in accordance with Florida Statute 715.07.

Owners' vehicles must display a bar code decal. Lessees must obtain a bar code decal upon arriving at a cost of $10 per year. When on owner uses a short-term rental or other temporary substitute vehicle, a bar code decal or mirror tag must be obtained from Security.

Any resident leaving a vehicle on Seaplace property while not in residence must notify the office where the car keys are located in the unit. If the keys cannot be located, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.
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All car refuse must be deposited in the trash receptacle. After use, the water must be turned off, the water pressure released, and the hose rewound on the hose caddy.
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All bicycle riders must conform to requirements of the Town of Longboat Key. All bicycles must be registered with Seaplace and display the appropriate Seaplace identification. Bicycles must have a bell to alert pedestrians, may not be ridden on building interior walkways or pool decks, and must yield to pedestrians on sidewalks.

All Kayaks must be registered with Seaplace. 

Motorcycles, mopeds and other motorized unlicensed vehicles are not to be operated on the premises, except to and from their assigned parking spaces. Engines must not be revved up and must be operated with a functioning muffler system. Skateboards are forbidden. Roller skates, roller blades, in-line skates, and similar equipment may only be used while going directly to or from the building and the Seaplace gates. They must be carried on stairs, elevators, interior walkways and sidewalks.
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All persons must wear cover-ups and shoes going to and from the pool and beach areas. Persons with dripping suits and/or shoes depositing sand or tennis clay are not allowed in elevators, stairwells or lobbies. Persons jogging or walking on the Seaplace perimeter walks must dress with proper top and bottom clothing.
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Residents shall not interrupt or interfere with employees while they are performing their assigned duties. Residents needing services should contact the office during business hours.
Seaplace equipment and areas of operation that are used by employees are to be used only by Seaplace employees. Employees are not allowed to loan Seaplace tools or equipment to anyone.
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In the event of an emergency requiring Longboat Key emergency services, call 911. Use or storage of anything that would be a health or fire hazard is prohibited. Children are not permitted to play in the corridors, stairways or elevators.
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All trash must be placed in secured plastic bags before it is put in the trash chute or dumpster.  Items that cannot be placed in the dumpster are furnishings, mattresses, and old TV's. Owners are requested to notify the office and then call Waste Management (941)-753-7591 for a special pickup. NO construction materials are to be put into the dumpster. Mandatory governmental recycling laws are in effect at Seaplace. Therefore, all residents must comply with the instructions for disposing of recyclable materials.

Construction dumpsters can only be on Seaplace property during season for two (2) days. Off season Mpnday - Friday.
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No solicitation of any nature is permitted on Seaplace property. Signs shall not be placed in windows facing the outside. Temporary signs, such as "For Sale", may not be placed on vehicles in parking areas.
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Coin-operated laundry equipment is provided in all buildings for the convenience of residents only. Machines, including dryer lint screens, should be cleaned after use.
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A written application for leasing, accompanied by the $100 application fee and a $20 bar code decal fee, should be delivered to Seaplace Association not less than one month before the beginning of the leasehold period. All leases must be approved prior to occupancy. If the application is not approved, the fee will be refunded, along with an explanation.

Leases must be for a minimum of two consecutive months by the same lessees. Lease terms may not be divided where, for example, one party occupies the unit for one month and another party occupies the unit for the second month. If a lessee vacates the unit prior to the end of the leasehold period, the owner may not lease the unit until the lease expires. Lessees may not sublet or transfer a lease.

Owners are responsible for providing their lessees with a current copy of Seaplace Rules and Regulations.

Rental Application
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The Declaration of Condominium, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Seaplace Association set forth all of the conditions that apply to the sale of a unit, as outlined below. The Board of Directors will not favorably consider a prospective owner that intends to use the unit for purposes other than a residential dwelling.

No owner, lessee, (or other occupant) of a condominium unit shall lease or allow the unit to be used by a corporation, trust, partnership or any such legal entity unless:
  1. The proposed occupants are approved by the Board of Directors prior to such sale, lease, or occupancy.
  2. The unit is occupied only by persons approved by the Association in writing and such approval shall be granted to carry out the use of the unit for residential purposes, and not for temporary or transient tenancy.
  3. Units owned by corporations, trusts, partnerships or other legal entity must be used only as a residence.
Resale Form
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No lifeguard is on duty at any time. Swim at your own risk. Persons using the pools must obey the following rules:
  1. Shower to remove sand before entry into the pool or whirlpool.
  2. Pool hours are dawn to dusk, except when closed for daily maintenance, repairs, or other events and conditions as determined by the staff.  However, use of the pool is allowed 2 hours prior to opening for exercise.
  3. Children under 3 years of age must use the Clubhouse kiddie pool. 
    All children who are not toilet trained must use swim diapers and use the Clubhouse kiddie pool.
  4. Do not remove pool furniture or umbrellas from pool decks.  Items left unattended on pool furniture or beach furniture for longer than 30 minutes will be removed by pool attendants.
  5. Chairs and lounges are to be covered with towels to prevent soiling and staining.
  6. No glass or china is permitted in the pool/deck area.
  7. Only snacks and sandwiches can be consumed in the pool area using the large round glass tables only.  Florida Statutes prohibit consuming food or drink within 4 feet of the pool. Everything must be cleaned up after eating.
  8. No running, excessive noise or nuisance items, including radios, televisions, noise-emanating electronic games that interfere with the use of the pool or pool areas by others are permitted.
  9. Cell phone and remote telephone users must move out of the pool area.
  10. Large objects, such as rafts, tubes, beach balls and objects that are thrown, such as frisbees and footballs, etc., are prohibited in the pool area.
  11. Children under 13 years of age, regardless of their ability to swim, must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
  12. Children under 14 years of age are prohibited from using the whirlpool.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in the pool and deck areas.
  14. Proper swimsuits are required.  No cut-offs or street shoes in the water.
Lounge chairs are available on the beach and must be returned to the dune area when leaving the beach. Personal chairs may not be stored on the beach, in meter rooms, stairwells or halls.
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Barbecue grills must be reserved in advance from the office or on the website.  Barbecue parties shall be limited to 20 people. Reservation of a grill includes the use of tables and chairs outside In case of inclement weather the inside of the clubhouse may be used if there is no other event taking place. For BBQ parties larger than 20 people the outside Patio area can be rented for a fee set by the Board (see private parties). The quick grill will still be available for other owners to use.  When renting the patio when other events are occurring in the Great room of the clubhouse you must enter the clubhouse through the east side for restrooms and the north door for the kitchen.
A sign-up sheet is available for use of the "quick grill," which does not include the use of tables.
All grill users are requested to leave the area as clean as possible and remove all debris and food.
During private parties no grills will be available at the Clubhouse, however, the grills at the small pool are available.
Grills are not to be used as smokers.

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The Clubhouse is unlocked from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. .

Wireless internet access is available in and around the Clubhouse and also at the Funplace pool. The network is open access. Seaplace residents and guests use the network at their own risk.

Anyone who is charging residents for their services while using the Clubhouse, is subject to an expense fee of $10 per hour for up to twenty people and a $50 flat fee for over twenty people.
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The Clubhouse is only available to Seaplace residents for their private parties or other private functions. Reservation of the Clubhouse will NOT include the barbecue area unless other wise requested.  Non-residents may be guests. Residents are directly responsible for all costs related to a private function. Requests for reservations should be made by calling the office or completing the online reservation form.  A Clubhouse Use Agreement must be completed and approved by the General Manager.  Payment of an Expense Fee, determined by the Board of Directors, and a Security Deposit is required. Both payments will be returned when a cancellation is made 24 hours before the reservation date.

The Clubhouse may be reserved during hours that do not conflict with regularly scheduled Seaplace functions. When a large function has been scheduled requiring more set-up time, the Clubhouse will be closed to residents no more than 2 hours prior to the start of party.

An expense fee, determined by the Board of Directors, shall be paid for the use of the Clubhouse. The resident shall be responsible for cleanup and may employ the Seaplace staff at the established hourly rate.  When furniture is to be rearranged, an additional charge will be incurred.

The resident shall be responsible for any and all damage to the Clubhouse, its contents, and the grounds. Any resulting expenditure for replacement or repair shall be deducted from the Security Deposit, and the resident shall be liable for any difference.
  1. Private parties held on Sunday to Thursday must end by 10 p.m. with outside guests leaving the property by 10:30 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, parties must end by 11 p.m. with outside guests leaving the property by 11:30 p.m.
  2. The south terrace, deck and pool may not be reserved for private use.
  3. The Clubhouse microwave, range and oven shall be used only for reheating or completion of cooking food.
  4. The clubhouse refrigerator and freezer shall be used only on the day of the party.
  5. Commercial activities are prohibited unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. Clubhouse or BBQ area may not be reserved for private parties on New Years Eve, Easter weekend, Memorial weekend, July 4th, and Labor Day weekend. 
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The Exercise Room in the Clubhouse is open to all persons at least 16 years old. Access is available through the north exercise room door from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. before 8 am the north door can be opened with a key available in the office. Persons using the room do so at their own risk. Posted rules are to be followed. Misuse of the room or the equipment may result in immediate eviction from the room and denial of future access. All users must dress with proper top and bottom exercise wear. Athletic footwear is recommended. Sandals, beach shoes and bare feet are prohibited.
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Tennis hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

All reservations (see For Residents/Reservations) must show resident's name, building and unit number, and names of all other players. Multiple reservations may not be made during the same day by any person or group. Use of the courts by non-residents is by invitation only. Residents have priority for the 9:30-11:00 a.m. time slot. Non-residents' names must be given to Security for admittance to Seaplace.

Courts may be reserved 2 days in advance in person, by phoning the office, or by filling out the form on the website. Doubles games are given priority over singles games. Because of the high demand for court time, a player will lose their reservation and the court will be assigned to someone else if they do not show within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time. A player must call to cancel their reservation if they cannot make their scheduled time. Failure to do so may forfeit future reservations. Reservation times are set and are not adjusted when courts are closed because of weather, maintenance, or other non-playable conditions.

Proper tennis shoes and attire must be worn on the tennis courts.  No bathing suits or cut-offs are allowed.  Any shoes that may damage the Har-Tru court surface will not be allowed.  This includes all basketball, track and hard soled shoes. Shirts must be worn at all times.

Observers must not disturb play. Exemplary conduct, proper language, and good sportsmanship must be practiced at all times.

Special events designated by the staff take preference.
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Nesting season is from May 1 to October 31. Turn off or shield lights that can be seen from the beach. Sea Turtles head for the brightest horizon- make sure it's not your unit.
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Infractions should be reported to the appropriate authority or the Association Manager. Where immediate action is prudent, the infraction should be reported to Security. The Manager will inform the responsible party of the infraction, advising that future violations will be referred to the Board of Directors for handling, pursuant to Florida statutes. Owners and lessees are responsible for their guests observing all rules.
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